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GiftO7Pacific-Lust   'Amour' (Love) Orchid Gift
GiftO7Bartley-Schwarz   'Cadeau pour toute occasion' (Gift for All Occasion) Orchid Gift
GiftO7PCeltic-Sun   'Fleur d' or' (Golden Blossoms) Orchid Gift
GiftO7Pat-McCully   'L' orchidée Pourpre Royale' (The royal purple orchid) Orchid Gift
GiftO7Howards-Dream   'La belle princesse' (The beautiful princess) Orchid Gift
GiftO7Mystic-Maze   'Labyrinthe mystique' (Mystic Maze) Orchid Gift
GiftO7SharryBaby   'Le Chocolat' (The Chocolate) Orchid Gift (Heavy Fragrance of Chocolate!)
GIFTZ4Royal-Fragrance   'Le parfum royal' (The Royal Fragrance) Orchid Gift
GiftO7Snowblind-Majestic   'Paix et amour' (Peace & Love) Orchid Gift
QLyca-Ang-Dennis-x-Lyc-Auburn   (Angulocaste Dennis Kleinbach x Lyc. Auburn) x Lyc. skinneri 'Pala Waterfield'
KZ4Tsubotaara   (Zygopetalum Family) Tsubotaara Melinda Marie 'Blue Moon'
LSAcac-cyanea   Acacallis cyanea
AO7TarantulaSweetOrange   Adaglossum Tarantula 'Sweet Orange'
LSAera-articulata   Aerangis articulata
LSAera-biloba   Aerangis biloba
LSAerangiscitrat   Aerangis citrata
USAera-fastuosa   Aerangis fastuosa
GSAera-luteoalba   Aerangis luteo-alba var. rhodosticta
QSAera-caudata   Aeranthes caudata
USAeri-flabellata   Aerides flabellata
LSAerhoulletiana   Aerides houlletiana
USAeri-lawrenciae   Aerides lawrenciae
ISAeri-multiflora   Aerides multiflora
ISAeri-odorata   Aerides odorata
KSAeri-quinquevulnera   Aerides quinquevulnera
ISAeri-rosea   Aerides rosea
AO7Clownish   Aliceara Clownish 'Cotton Candy'
QSAnci-rothschildianus   Ancistrochilus rothschildianus
QSAngr-didieri   Angraecum didieri
LSAngr-distichum   Angraecum distichum
MSAngr-eichlerianum   Angraecum eichlerianum
TSAngr-germinyanum   Angraecum germinyanum
USAngr-leonis   Angraecum leonis
GSAngr-magdalenae   Angraecum magdalenae
MSAngr-praestans   Angraecum praestans
QSAngr-sesquipedale   Angraecum sesquipedale
QSAngr-sesquip-boss   Angraecum sesquipedale v. bosseri
XSAngu-clowesii   Anguloa clowesii
XSAngu-ruckeri   Anguloa ruckeri
XSAngu-virginalis   Anguloa virginalis
LSAnse-africana   Ansellia africana, Large Plants!
ISArac-cathcartii   Arachnis cathcartii
ISArac-clarkei   Arachnis clarkei
TV0Arac-Maggie   Arachnis Maggie Oei 'Red Ribbon'
AS-IS-AO7Pacific-Pastel   AS IS - Beallara Pacific Pastel 'Mauna Loa' - Not in Bloom
AS-IS-LSCoel-speciosa   AS IS - Coelogyne speciosa
AS-IS-AD3Standard-Pink-Puff   AS IS - Dendrobium Hybrid, Pink Puff - Not in Bloom
AS-IS-AD3Standard-WhiteDarkP   AS IS - Dendrobium Hybrid, White w/Dark Purple Lip - NOT IN BLOOM
AS-IS-LSDori-pulcherrima-v-coe   AS IS - Doritis pulcherrima v. coerulea
AS-IS-TSEria-ornata   AS IS - Eria ornata
AS-IS-AO7Pacific-Waters   AS IS - Miltonidium Pacific Waters 'Paul's Pride'
AS-IS---AO7Yellow-Parade   AS IS - Odontonia Yellow Parade 'Alpine'
AS-IS-AO7Sharry-Baby-   AS IS - Oncidium Sharry Baby - Smells like Chocolate!! - Not in Bloom
MSAsco-ampullaceum   Ascocentrum ampullaceum
MSAscominiatum   Ascocentrum miniatum
MV0MonaChurch   Ascocentrum miniatum x ampullaceum
AV0Pralor-x-Fuse   Ascovanda Pralor x Fuse
AO7Guilded-Tower   Banfieldara Gilded Tower 'Mystic Maze' - In Bud/Bloom Now
AO7Guilded-Tower-Sunburst   Banfieldara Gilded Tower 'Sunburst'
XSBarb-cucullata   Barbosella cucullata
XSBarb-dolichorhiza   Barbosella dolichorhiza
XSBarb-fuscata   Barbosella fuscata
FSBarb-microphylla   Barbosella microphylla
FSBarb-miersii   Barbosella miersii
XSBarb-orbicularis   Barbosella orbicularis
XSBarbosella-prorepens   Barbosella prorepens
AO7Howards-bloom   Beallara Marfitch 'Howard's Dream'
AO7Pacific-Pastel   Beallara Pacific Pastel 'Mauna Loa' - In Bud/Bloom Now
AO7PatriciaMcCully   Beallara Patricia McCully - In Bud/Bloom Now
AO7Snowblind   Beallara Snowblind Majestic - In Bud/Bloom Now
AO7TahomaGlacier   Beallara Tahoma Glacier
AC1Destiny   Blc. Destiny 'Dixon', Fragrant! - In Bud/Bloom Now
LC1Chocolate-Drop-x-Edisto   Blc. Edisto x Chocolate Drop - In Bud/Bloom Now
ColdBletillaochracea2   Bletilla ochracea 'Chinese Butterfly'
ColdBletillaOrnduff   Bletilla Ornduff
ColdBletillasriata   Bletilla striata
ColdBletillabob   Bletilla striata 'Big Bob'
ColdBletillastriata-alba   Bletilla striata v. alba
ColdBletillacoerulea   Bletilla striata v. coerulea
ColdBletillayokohama   Bletilla yokohama 'Kate'
UC1DavidSanders   Brassavola David Sanders
QSBras-digbyana-mounted   Brassavola digbyana
USBras-digbyana   Brassavola digbyana
QSBras-digbyanaPink   Brassavola digbyana 'Palmer's Pink' - 4" Blooming Size
FSBras-digbyana-v.-frimbrip   Brassavola digbyana v. frimbripetala
USBras-nodosas   Brassavola nodosa
AO7Eternal-Wind   Brassia Eternal Wind - In Bud/Bloom Now
AO7Gilded-Urchin   Brassidium Gilded Urchin 'Ontario'
AO7White-Knight   Brassidium Golden Gamine 'White Knight'
AO7Shooting-Star   Brassidium Shooting Star 'Black Gold' - In Bud/Bloom Now
QSO7-Hwuludeun-Chameleon   Btcm. Hwuluduen Chameleon - Not in Bloom
USBulb-barbigerum   Bulbophyllum barbigerum
HSBulb-binnendijkii   Bulbophyllum binnendijkii
XSBulb-bisetum   Bulbophyllum bisetum
WSBulb-dennisii   Bulbophyllum dennisii
TSBulb-ecornutum   Bulbophyllum ecornutum
WSBulb-elassoglossum   Bulbophyllum elassoglossum
USBulb-fascinator   Bulbophyllum fascinator
TSBulb-frostii   Bulbophyllum frostii
MSBulb-graveolens   Bulbophyllum graveolens
ISBulb-guttulatum   Bulbophyllum guttulatum - In Spike/Bud Now
USBulb-hirundinis   Bulbophyllum hirundinis
TSBulb-lasiochilumdark   Bulbophyllum lasiochilum (dark color form)
USBulb-lasiochilum-light   Bulbophyllum lasiochilum (light color form)
QSBulb-laxiflorum   Bulbophyllum laxiflorum
XSBulb-leopardinum   Bulbophyllum leopardinum
USBulb-longisepa   Bulbophyllum longisepalum
XSBulb-longissimum-x-putidum   Bulbophyllum longissimum x mastigion putidum
QSBulb-masdevalliaceum   Bulbophyllum masdevalliaceum
USBulb-medusae   Bulbophyllum medusae
QSBulb-phalaenopsis   Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis
USBulb-phalaenopsis   Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis
USBulb-rothschildianum   Bulbophyllum rothschildianum
WSBulb-rufinum   Bulbophyllum rufinum
ISBulb-sanguineomaculatum   Bulbophyllum sanguineomaculatum
WSBulb-sessile   Bulbophyllum sessile
ISBulb-sikkimense   Bulbophyllum sikkimense
TSBulb-sumatranum   Bulbophyllum sumatranum
LSBulb-tingabarinum   Bulbophyllum tingabarinum
HSBulb-trigonosepalum   Bulbophyllum trigonosepalum
USBulb-vaginatum   Bulbophyllum vaginatum
ISCala-biloba   Calanthe biloba
FSCamp-micranthum   Campylocentrum micranthum
FSCamp-organense   Campylocentrum organense
FSCamp-robustum   Campylocentrum robustum
FSCapa-micromera   Capanemia micromera
FSCapa-uglinosa   Capanemia uliginosa
FSCata-vinaceum-x-yellow   Catasetum (vinaceum x vinaceum yellow)
FSCata-barbatum   Catasetum barbatum
FSCata-blackii   Catasetum blackii
FSCata-cernuum   Catasetum cernuum
FSCata-fimbriatum   Catasetum fimbriatum
FSCata-osculatum   Catasetum osculatum
FSCata-planiceps   Catasetum planiceps
FSCata-viridiflavum   Catasetum viridiflavum
TSCatt-aclandiae   Cattleya aclandiae
MSCatt-aclandcoerulea   Cattleya aclandiae v. coerulea
QSCatt-amethystoglossa   Cattleya amethystoglossa 'H&R' AM/AOS x 'Supreme' AM/AOS
LC1Chocolate-Drop-x-Chantilly   Cattleya Chocolate Drop 'Mt. View' x Clty. Chantilly Lace, HEAVY Fragrance!! - In Bud/Bloom Now
QSCatt-dowina-aurea   Cattleya dowiana aurea, XL Plants
MSCatt-dowina-vrosita   Cattleya dowiana var. rosita
QSCatt-warscewiczii-coerulea   Cattleya gigas v. coerulea ‘Angarita’
MSCatt-guttatavarcoerulea   Cattleya guttata var. coerulea - Seedling
XSCatt-harrisoniana   Cattleya harrisoniana
USCatt-intermedia-rubera   Cattleya intermedia aquinii v. Rubra
XSCattleya-iricolor   Cattleya iricolor
USCatt-leopoldii   Cattleya leopoldii
QSCatt-loddigesii   Cattleya loddigesii
QSCatt-lueddemanniana   Cattleya lueddemanniana
QSCatt-lueddemanniana-coerulea   Cattleya lueddemanniana v. coerulea
LC1Lulu-x-Chocolate-Drop   Cattleya Lulu 'Carmela' x Chocolate Drop 'Kodama' AM/AO - In Bud/Bloom Now
WSCatt-maxima   Cattleya maxima
LSCatt-maxima-v-alba   Cattleya maxima v. alba
QSCatt-maxima-vcoerulea   Cattleya maxima v. coerulea 'Concolor'
QSCatt-nobilior-Fatal   Cattleya nobilior ‘Fatal Attraction’
QSCatt-nobilior-vamaliae   Cattleya nobilior var. amaliae
QSCatt-nobilior-vcoerulea   Cattleya nobilior var. coerulea
QSCatt-quadricolor   Cattleya quadricolor
QSCatt-schilleriana   Cattleya schilleriana
LSCatt-schilleriana-Sanderiana   Cattleya schilleriana 'Sanderiana BM/TOGA'
USCatt-skinneri-Heiti   Cattleya skinneri 'Heiti Jacobs'
MSCatt-violacea-v-semialba   Cattleya violacea v. semi-alba (Icabaru x Hector Luis)
LSCatt-walkeriana   Cattleya walkeriana 'Pink'
MSCera-rubra   Ceratostylis rubra
USChil-lunifera   Chiloschista lunifera
WSChiloschistasegawai   Chiloschista segawai
LSChri-vietnamica   Christensonia vietnamica
LSChro-virescense   Chroniochilus virescens
LSChys-bractescens   Chysis bractescens
ISCoel-flaccida   Coelogyne flaccida
ISCoel-fuscescens   Coelogyne fuscescens
ISCoel-graminifolia   Coelogyne graminifolia
ISCoel-occulata   Coelogyne occulata
ISCoel-prolifera   Coelogyne prolifera
LSCoel-speciosa   Coelogyne speciosa
ISCoel-uniflora   Coelogyne uniflora
QSCoel-usitana   Coelogyne usitana
XSCoel-xyrekes   Coelogyne xyrekes
QSComp-macroplectron   Comparettia macroplectron
XSComp-speciosa   Comparettia speciosa
SupCork-large   Cork Mount, Large
SupCork-medium   Cork Mount, Medium
SupCork-small   Cork Mount, Small
SupCork-xl   Cork Mount, XLarge
SupCork-xsmall   Cork Mount, XSmall
HCycn-Taiwan-Gold   Cycnodes Taiwan Gold (MC) 'Orange'
HCycn-Wine-Delight-2   Cycnodes Wine Delight
QSCymb-rhodochila   Cymbidiella rhodochila
LY0Chens-Ruby   Cymbidium Chen's Ruby, Heavy Fragrance
ISCymb-devonianum   Cymbidium devonianum
WSCymelegans   Cymbidium elegans
USCymb-ensifolium-Jin-Chi   Cymbidium ensifolium "Jin Chi"
USCymb-ensifolium-JinHe   Cymbidium ensifolium "Jin He"
USCymb-ensifolium-LuNauZui   Cymbidium ensifolium "Lu Nau Zui"
USCymb-ensifolium-SaMoJin   Cymbidium ensifolium "Sa Mo Jin"
USCymb-ensifolium-YuHua   Cymbidium ensifolium "Yu Hua"
USCymensifoliumYuHuaFei   Cymbidium ensifolium "Yu Huan Fei"
USCymb-ensifolium-JinSiMaWi   Cymbidium ensifolium 'Jin Si Ma Wei'
USCymensifoliumSevenFairies   Cymbidium ensifolium 'Seven Fairies''
ISCymb-munronianum   Cymbidium ensifolium var. munronianum

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